Japanese text

I became 64 years old last summer. I used to collect coins if I found uncommon one in the wallet of my deceased father. He sometimes gave me one saying that he found something new when he came home. It was already 60 years ago.

Thanks to everyone, I could make up this collection. It has not yet been finished, but I summarized my websites as a marker. I would be glad if you feel my website informative.

Last year Mount Fuji was designated as a world heritage. We have a lot of treasure in Japan. Koushu Gold is also historical heritage. From the heart, I hope that Koushu Gold will be inherited forever.

Last but not least, I will step forward to make tomorrow better than today as long as I live. I would greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement. Thank you.

On a lucky day of January, 2014
Musasino Shiuei, Seiji Iida